Things You Must Do If Want To Become a Leader : Robert Trinagel

Robert Trinagel is a very popular travel blogger and successful businessman. Robert Trinagel has been an amazing leader for his team and is respected by all the team members. Every field of work needs a good leader and there are a certain set of qualities or things that person needs must do to become a good leader.


So Robert Trinagel through his blog shared some key tips about the things to do if you want to become a good leader.

1)Be a team player

2)Be an expert and master new skills

3)Be open to feedback and criticism

4)Learn to communicate well

5) Be trustworthy among team members


Robert Trinagel : Throw away society

What Is Throw Away Society?

Throw away society is cumulating due to overproduction of products and services. Nowadays we are adopting the throwaway culture simultaneously We are inviting extraordinary problems which will be become non-curable for human being and environment. Throw away culture expanding all round planet because of advanced technology and Consumerism. The big issue rose with an oversupply of electronic gadget, cars, food, and plastics within the low price. Now we can see peek of plastic and electronic gadgets as garbage everywhere. It is becoming a considerable matter for government and individual.

Cause of increasing Throw Away culture
Advance Technology
Because of advanced technology, there are various new features get introduced in the market, which is user-friendly and convenient. Technology advancement is one of the prominent reason we easily attract toward advancement and replace with older one at an affordable cost. For example, a washing machine automatically washes clothes and shifts them into the heater to drain. It saves us time and efforts both.

The products also wear out soon now as compare to past.

How to Enjoy While Traveling Alone: Robert Trinagel

Many times traveling in groups is not possible as everyone has there own work schedule. So one might need to travel alone. Robert Trinagel a popular travel blogger in the USA wants to share some key tips to enjoy even while traveling alone.


1) Carry the necessary accessories for passing time while in flights like iPod, mobile games etc

2)Stay in a positive place where people are moving in a large number

3) Talk to locals and share your thoughts with them

4) Spend time taking pictures

5) Learn a few words or sentences from the local language.

Robert Trinagel: Hiring Employee Is The Most Challenging Task.

Robert Trinagel is a management and organization development consultant and Owner of a successful company in NY, USA. Amy Rodiles write on his expert area management, human resource, and professionalism which helps both employees and employer. Robert Trinagel has a great commitment to his work, to know about him more head to:


This article, he is going to discuss and point should consider before hiring any employee. Hiring a right employee is the most time-consuming process for HR, in a rush if any wrong incapable employee has been hired then it can be expensive.

Robert Trinagel believes that every employee should behave qualities like Accept challenge, positive, planning thinking, Motivated and honest. Hiring the right employee for the company is the most challenging task.

We should plan each step before start hiring. Evaluate the need and requirement of the company

Robert Trinagel doesn’t suggest rushing into hiring before you have a strong understanding of the work and worth you will surely incur along the way.

How to Plan a Budget for Business or Organization : Robert Trinagel

Planning a budget is very important if you are looking to run a business or organization. Robert Trinagel a well-known travel blogger and highly successful businessman who likes sharing his views about business, travel and various aspects of life through blogs. As many people find it difficult to plan a budget for business or organization so Robert trinagel provides some useful tips which would help his two plan a budget.


Here are the tips shared by Robert Trinagel

Make your budget assumptions
Review Available funding
Create a budget package
Determine Fixed costs
keep the money for working capital

Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs While Starting New Business : Robert Trinagel

Robert Trinagel is a famous businessman and a popular travel blogger from the USA. Robert Trinagel has a good experience as a businessman and also knows what are the challenges faces by the entrepreneurs while they are looking to start a new business.


Here is a list of challenges shared by Robert Trinagel that entrepreneurs must be aware of:-

1) Cash Flow Management

2) Hiring Employees

3) Time Management

4) Delegating Tasks

5) Choosing what to sel

l6) Market Strategy

Robert Trinagel Shared Some Tips To Promote Your Business

Starting a business is a great way to improve revenue and growth. Most people are brilliant, capable and competent in starting their own business.
In the First stage they start their business with good knowledge and resources than now second stage ho do they promote their business? No matter how great they provide product and service, they all need to do some promotion on a daily basis, So people can focus on product and brand.
Here are some exclusive tips to promote a business with allure entrepreneurship.


#1 Set up Google My Business Account:
Foremost step is creating or listing the business on Google. Google is not an only search engine, it is an act as a business directory. With a Google business account, business easily gets found, people who want relevant services and product. According to stats, There are over 2 trillion Google searches per day in 2018. Google My Business is a free and easy to use tool for business. it improves business online visibility and trust. With review trust rate amongst audience increase and effects on business growth.



#2 Social Media Powerful Tool:
Social Media is one of the powerful tools to spread awareness and get connect with potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat play a significant role in soaring sales and to enter a new market.
According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.95 billion by 2020.
With plan. To promote business on daily basis, Social media is the right platform to get know about offers and new products. Choose an audience, make a plan and promote the offer.
#3 Blogging
Blogging and writing is the genuine way to spread the positive word to mouth. Blogs, newspapers, and magazines are strong to publish your business content to an informed audience. Blogging is the most trending way to publish content as guest blogging, start own blogging, and contributing author. Publish the blog on trusted and high traffic blog site.
Some spam work and spam website can hurt your business, need to be aware of these kinds of sites.